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Pass the Salt … and a Megaphone

Maggio 21, 2015

Articoli Massimo Saviotti Commenti disabilitati su Pass the Salt … and a Megaphone

86dB before acoustic intervention

“It’s too Noisy…,” The single most common complaint about restaurants. It’s not about food, the waitress or dirty glasses, it’s about too much noise.

Fix an employee problem and it’s back again in 2 years, but fix the noise problem and it’s gone forever.

Just like any restaurant, school canteens seem to be the noisiest of spaces in schools. Contrary to you and me being able to choose which restaurant to eat in, students and pupils do not have that choice. In a recent survey on noise in Swedish school canteens, the acoustic experience during lunch hour was compared to eating lunch next to a busy highway. When canteens are not acoustically treated they are far from optimal for either eating or relaxing.

So what is the situation at your school and how do we get it right? This question was brought up in the community of Peitrasante in Tuscany, Italy. The A project was defined aiming to investigate the current conditions in four school canteens and to improve if needed.

The results of the first measurements showed 86dB during lunch. Students complained about headache and being confused by all the noise. All four canteens were examined and acoustic interventions secured that these canteens are now compliant with the Italian legislative regulations. Italo Viti, representative of the Pietrasante Community is very positive about the outcomes.

The video was made by Acusticarte in Italy.

See the video or check out the media coverage.

via Acoustic Bulletin the place for the latest news on indoor acoustic environment

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